Osborne Partners Profile: Tom Piro, CFP®, Enrolled Agent

Tom Piro has been a Bay Area resident his entire life.  He was born and raised in Petaluma (before it became a trendy place to live).  He then followed his family footsteps and went to Saint Mary’s College of California.  After graduating, Tom lived in San Francisco, where he met his wife Anne, and they moved back to the North Bay shortly after they were married.  The big news for Tom and Anne is that they welcomed their first child, Grace, in January of 2021. 

Tom is a Wealth Counselor for Osborne Partners with nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Tom started his career by consulting into financial services companies (primarily retail banks and investment banks) at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Lattice Engines.  More recently, he worked with clients with complex financial planning needs at a regional wealth management firm.  Tom brings a broad skill set and passion for financial planning and investment management to our clients here at Osborne Partners. Tom is both a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and an Enrolled Agent (EA), the premier tax accreditation recognized by the IRS.

A few additional facts about Tom:

· Favorite part about being at Osborne Partners:  “Guiding clients through a process to help them make an important decision.  I really enjoy working together, going through the process, pulling everything together, and arriving at a thoughtful decision that everyone feels great about."   

· Why Tom got into the business:  “Towards the end of time as a management consultant, I had a number of international clients & spent a lot of time on airplanes.  This is before inflight wi-fi and power for laptops – so there was plenty of time for self-reflection.  And while l enjoyed consulting, I didn’t love it.  I recognized the things I was really passionate about are:  1.  Client relationships;  2.  Personal finance;  3.  The financial markets.  And the profession that is a perfect blend of all three, is a financial advisor.  I made the change a while back and it’s the best professional decision I ever made.” 

· Favorite hobby:  “I love to play basketball.  My body definitely hurts more than it used to but I still love to play in ‘age appropriate’ basketball leagues and the occasional game of pickup.” 

· Best part about being a new dad:  “At 1.5 years old, Grace is healthy, happy, and already a better dancer than her dad.  She is learning something new every day.  It is the absolute best.” 

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